Application with Declarative Dynamic Form Bean

Procedure to work with StrutsDemoApp1-DV application with declarative dynamic form bean:

Step1:- delete & its class file form the application

Step2:- modify existing form bean configuration in struts configuration file as shown below.

Step3:- Write following code in the execute (-) method of RefisterAction class to read values from form bean class object.



Step3:- keep remaing resource as it is.

Limitation with Declarative Dynamic FormBean:-

1)      There is no provision to add reset (-,-) method to solve problems related to session scoped form bean related check box, list box components.

2)      There is no provision to keep validate (-,-) method and to use approach no. (2) Of adding custom validation logics to validator plug-in.

  • To solve both these problems develop DynamicFormBean as programiticDynamicFormBean.

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