Introduction to Android Technology PPT Presentation:

Today mobile phones have become the most important part of our lives. There a number of companies offering the best mobile phone service and application for the users benefits and entertainment. The companies like Nokia, Samsung, and Blackberry offers the best application to the users using these brands. This experience of using mobile phones was made for exciting by the group of people running a community called The Open Handset Alliance. This community found the first mobile device of Android to make the users experience of using mobile more exciting. It also provides a good service on free product for Linux and now it does this for android. Let us learn in details about android in this paper.


                It is and open source i.e. the source code is easily available for development. It is the first open source platform of mobile development. It contains the complete set of components like operating system, middleware and all the components up the hierarchy. Android was built from bottom to the layer where developers can develop their own application. Android is so created that any user can fully utilize his handset for running the application built on android platform.

Linux Kernel

                We all are aware of the fact that android is built on open Linux kernel 2.6. The android architecture contains following components Linux kernel, native libraries, surface manager, SQLite, web kit .It provides the freedom for the developers to develop applications which are so designed that unifies them it breaks all the barriers of development of applications. Her Linux kernel is used as an abstract layer as a hardware. And the mobile manufactures if want to implement his technology in their devices then they have to get Linux and install all the related drivers on the device. This is all about android architecture. Let us learn something about android architecture.

Android Framework

                . To write a application in android the developer need to understand the building block of the application. The building blocks of the application are Activity, Intent Receiver, Service, and content provider.

Android was developed so that the use of mobile applications would become more exciting, and helpful for the mobile users. 

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