Latest CSE Seminar Topic on Android with Reference Material

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Android:

Android reference material covers information about the operating system android. It is the operating system which is being used mostly in the mobile devices. A lot of new updates have resulted in the operating system android from its original release. The updates can be in fixing the bugs or even in updating the new features. The updating in the version is given in the alphabetical order. 

The source code of the operating system android is open source. The feature of the android includes in the handset layouts where the platform is adoptable for the larger and also the graphical library and also in the layouts of the smart phone. The other feature supported by android is storage capacity. It is capable of storing the relational database and data can be further used in the storage purposes. 

The feature of connectivity is even supported by the android application, the connectivity technologies which are supported includes GSM, BLUETOOTH and much more. The feature of the messaging communication is supported by sending the SMS AND MMS messages including the threaded communication. 

The applications of the android are protected in the sand box, which is an isolated area of the operating system so that the system resources cannot be accessed by all the components until the permission is granted by the user before the installation is done. And before installation of the application the android is capable of displaying all the permissions. Based on the permissions which are granted, the user can then decide regarding the installation of the application. 

Android Reference Material covers:

  • History
  • Design
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Marketing

We can conclude that android plays a vital role in the real time applications and are capable of supporting all communication connectivity.

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