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Android Projects Ideas

April 20, 2012

List of Android projects ideas:

   This category consists of List of android projects ideas with project report and source code and paper presentation. Most of the projects are implemented as final year projects by computer science students.  Android projects ideas are part of cse android projects, Android networking project ideas..etc.

List of android project ideas are provided in the link given below.

download List of android project ideas with source code and project report for free of cost.

posted in  Android projects ideas

posted in Android projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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22 Comments to "Android Projects Ideas"

  1. Vidhya wrote:

    I am final year student..
    I am very interested to develop a game application in android.. Can u Guide me

  2. Ali wrote:

    what type of game are you trying to develop.. game developing is based on your unique idea which you will implement.. are focusing on board games, sports, arcade game or something else?

  3. Mubashir wrote:

    I am final year student.
    I have to start my Final Year Project.
    I am thinking about Android App and also thinking about any real world problem as a Final Year Project.
    Can anyone Help me in this regard.
    I will be waiting for responses.

  4. shravani wrote:

    i am final year student i want unique idea to develop app in android. plz guide me

  5. Reshma wrote:

    hi i am final year student of B.Tech(comp) and i want to make my B.E. project in Android… So would you help me about some project ideas

  6. Basseybassey wrote:

    i am a final year student,i am a beginner programer with java and. net, i want to build a mobile hospital locator system that can help students find hospitals arround a particular city or state with android,please i need some one to help guide me,my email adress is

  7. subbu wrote:

    Any one ready to develop android app u can contact me subrahmanyam.bpt@gmail.com . I will help you.

  8. Sreenu wrote:

    Hi U people want to develop Android apps right that is good.If u know core java then the development of apps is very easy.
    Which type of u wanna develop ?

  9. sherif wrote:

    I am final year student,i want to make different and good application in android so anyone can help me ?

  10. anuj wrote:

    can any body give any projext idea for final year infomation technology…..

  11. Abdul Jalil Khan wrote:

    I am a final year bscs student and we want project an android
    for that we need some ideas in android, could you people help me

  12. Vineet Chaudhary wrote:

    I want to develop a barcode reader in android.actually i develop a barcode reader app with Zxing library but now i want to develop a app with out the use of it.if any one help me so plz contact me as soon as possible.

  13. Dhivya wrote:

    I am final year student . I have interested to develop a project in android related to college details.please guide me

  14. digu wrote:

    I want to develop mobile application with in 7 day…guide me

  15. veemaraj wrote:

    i m final year student..
    i want some new project ideas based on android..so please guide me..not already in the system..give new ideas..

  16. Ramesh Gavva Shanthan wrote:

    Check this link latest android project http://1000projects.org/call-blocker-android-source-code.html

  17. revathi wrote:

    i am second year student…
    i finished my IPT course for android apps but i am not satisfy…please guide me for so many details…

  18. lakshmi wrote:

    i,m final year student in mca…i need differen idea for developing mini project in android i need help pls help me

  19. shamnad wrote:

    I am shamnad.i want a verity pgm

  20. shweta wrote:

    hi… I need an android project ideas for my BE project..

  21. chandru wrote:

    image capture(screen shot) without user intraction. and automatically store into database.

  22. DEEPAK DAS wrote:

    hey can any one give the idea on a android project which can be helpful for a college
    if not then give me a idea on a project thats not implemented.

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