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Android Projects For Beginners

April 20, 2012

List of Android projects for beginners:

This category consists of Android projects for beginners who are interested in implementing sample projects and test application on mobile. Developing simple projects for android is just like fun and here we provide few projects which may help beginners. Project provided in this list are implemented in java. Some projects are related to cloud, networking, account tracking..etc.

Android projects provided here consists of project report and source code and paper presentation.

download android projects for beginners for free of cost.

posted in  Android projects

posted in Android projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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9 Comments to "Android Projects For Beginners"

  1. santosh wrote:

    plz send pedometer abstract

  2. kapil wrote:

    plz send pedometer abstract

  3. Papzen wrote:

    Just looking for an idea on android mobile app for my mid year final project

  4. siva wrote:

    Send android projects for beginners with java source code

  5. sumathi wrote:

    send me the source code for total screen recorder

    Thank & Regards

  6. Aadhi wrote:

    pls send me a gud mini project in android with source code to take part in my college mini proj competition

  7. Aadhi wrote:

    just help meby send a gud mini project in android with source code to take part in my college mini proj competition

  8. Sree wrote:

    i just want an idea to make an android app for my t.e project. pls sent me the android projects for begineers with java source code.

  9. A.Lavanya wrote:

    i wanna simple project on android

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