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Android Projects Documentation

April 20, 2012

List of Android Projects with documentation:

This category consists of Android projects documentation and project reports for free of cost.  Here you can download android project source code and full documentation. These projects are submitted by students. You can submit android project documentation at info.1000projects{at}gmail.com

download Android projects documentation and project report with paper presentation(PPT). 

posted in Android projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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8 Comments to "Android Projects Documentation"

  1. aditi wrote:

    please as soon as possible send me source code of scrabble game based on android

  2. kapil wrote:

    please send me all project info and documentstion

  3. sunantha wrote:

    I am doing my final year project.I need documentation especially DFD and flow chart for online movie booking system.Please send me..Thanks in advance…

  4. smita gajjar wrote:

    please send me all project info and documentstion

  5. aditya akash wrote:

    i m a stdnt of last year nd i m doing project on developing map on android plateform but i dont know its documentation part please help me 4 d same…plz…..

  6. prasna kumar wrote:

    beggin please send me source code for pnr status and train info on android.send me as soon as possible.advance thankz and im eagerly waiting for ur reply…

  7. Navrangi wrote:

    i want source code for online shopping please help me

  8. tanu wrote:

    help me with some cool idea for an android based project

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