Android Based Bomb Diffusing Robotic Arm Project


The title of Project is Android Based Bomb Diffusing Robotic Arm and we can operate robot through android application. We are using metal detector circuit to demonstrate land mines ( heavy metallic objects beneath ground) .

The main reason why have you chosen this project is this project has easy to use android app and remote operation of robot and it can be useful in real time with sophisticated testing of the hardware for military operations.

Our Final year major Project comes under Embedded Systems domain as it combines both hardware and software.

Existing System:

Generally , bomb squad team goes on site and check for suspicious objects but it has risk of explosion if not handled situation with proper method. In our project since we are using robot, there is no life risk.

Design Explanation:

Design has four gear motors : two rear side with wheels and two front side with dummy motors. It has two more gear dc motors for horizontal and vertical track. Thus we can use gripper to hold objects and move it in vertical orientation i.e up or down. Colpit oscillator circuit is used to detect metal objects.


We are using Arduino IDE and Embedded CPP code.

Design Results:

We are also using Proteus simulation software for showing design results .

Future Scope:

Android Based Bomb Diffusing Robotic Arm Project can be extended for unlimited range by using DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) technology in which we can use mobile phone and control robot from anywhere in the world. High Detection range metal detector circuit can be used.

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