• Project Title:  Analysis of X-MEAN and K-MEAN using optimal classification
    Technologies: Microsoft.Net,ASP.Net,ADO.Net
    Languages Used : C#.Net
    Database Server:MS SQL SERVER 2005

Project Description:

     Analysis of X-MEAN and K-MEAN using optimal classification C#.Net Project is a Data Mining project in which we are going to use Clustering techniques such as global k-means and x- means. Global K-mean and X-mean are the useful algorithms for all clustering problems. Global K-mean and X-mean algorithms simply are defined as techniques to group same objects into an existing category. The main aim of this final year Microsoft project is to group similar data items into one group and separates dissimilar objects into different groups so as to make the search of required information easy and save the user time. These crystal reports are generated as the output of each query. This Project was developed under Microsoft technologies using ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net and Microsoft SQL Server.