Analysis Of International Sourcing MS Dissertation Project Conclusion and Recommendations

This study specified the significant information on change management process and global outsourcing process carried out in the organizations by taking Infosys Company as example. According to this study, Infosys Company is facing many change management problems in the global outsourcing process. Even though Infosys Company is having many global operations, still it is outsourcing its IT and BPO services to many companies over the world. In order to identify the actual problems faced by Infosys Company, research conducted survey in Infosys Company of Hyderabad by including Infosys Employees as participants. Each participant specified their own views and ideas on global outsourcing and change management process.


Being an international company, Infosys is still outsourcing its IT and BPO services to many other global outsourcing companies over the world in order to reach the target customers from all ends. Infosys main motto is to expand their operations into all major countries. Rather than outsourcing their services to other companies, Infosys should expand their business by opening new projects in different areas over the world. Infosys is having a good global financial standard that is capable of opening its branches in many areas. Infosys can use this particular aspect in order to reach its target potential customers over the world. Many participants answered that global outsourcing process is more important for their companies in order to manage different locations where they are not able to manage their operations.

But because of outsourcing these services employees are facing some problems with the outsourced company management. Infosys should try to build efficient relationship among the outsourced companies and the employees in order to manage the international operations in a successful manner.  From the results, it is been noticed that even though Infosys Company is successful in aligning its change management and global outsourcing process, still it is facing many challenges and changes in the market. In order to overcome this problem Infosys Should try to use good alignment strategies in order to manage the alignment process of global outsourcing and change management process successfully. The shareholders and stakeholders of Infosys Company are even facing problems with the outsourced company management and Infosys should build a relationship between outsourced companies and their share as well as stakeholders in order to manage their share standards.

In the research interview process many participants stated that outsourcing companies are offering strategic alliance benefits, but Infosys should try to reach their target customers by opening new branches rather than sharing the profits and shares. Many participants from Infosys Company stated that globalization process has shown major impact on their company and for this reason Infosys should try to manage globalization process in a balanced way in order to overcome the problems even at the time of globalization period. On the other hand, most of the participants stated that change management process is aligned with their global outsourcing process; still Infosys is facing problems with change management process. Infosys should use many change management strategies and techniques in order to overcome the problems.

Many participants stated different reasons for the failure of global outsourcing and change management process in Infosys such as lack of appropriate change management plans, lack of experienced staff in managing the changes, lack of management interest towards the changes.  Participants from Infosys Company stated that they are looking forward towards some main European countries to outsource their products and services.

Rather than selecting European developed countries, Infosys should try to expand their services into undeveloped countries in order to develop themselves and support the undeveloped countries by offering employment etc Even though Infosys is following many global outsourcing strategies still it is facing many failures in the international markets. In order to succeed in the global market Infosys should try to use some new strategies and methods by replacing their old strategies. Finally, this study concludes that Infosys Company should follow the suggested recommendations in order to overcome the problems faced by their company in managing their change management and global outsourcing process.

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