An Event-Based Framework For Object-Oriented Analysis CSE Seminar Topic

Introduction to An Event-Based Framework For Object-Oriented Analysis CSE Seminar Topic:

Software industry is the most rapidly growing industries in the world it is certainly one of the most profitable business ventures as well, provided there are lots of planning and precise decisions undertaken to ensure the smooth functioning of the company. Many expenses should be met by the company management such as employee costs, infrastructure costs, software licenses and upgrades etc. Basic source of income for any software company is their software projects being done for many reputed companies. The failure of software will not only bring bad reputation, the financial profits will also take a hit.

There should be a plan in place to ensure that each project the company takes are feasible, both technically and economically. Poor requirement collection and subsequent ill planning may lead to the premature failure of the software. There should be an analysis method in place in order to minimize errors and to make the software cost efficient

Steps taken in the software analysis

  • Software requirement analysis: The first process in creating any software is the requirement collection. This process contains various procedures such as conceptual modeling which includes making models like Entity Relation(ER), Data Flow (DFD) etc.. In Object Oriented Requirement Analysis, the actual world existing objects are shaped using object classes showing the relation between them.
  • Complexity Metrics: Software complexity is a major factor it depicts the amount of work software is got to do in the installed system. Too much complexity is considered unhealthy for software. One of the mostly used complexity metric is the cyclomatic complexity
  • Software Testing : Various methods are used to test the software such as model based testing, Unit testing etc. which will help reduce the bugs

 Event has a major role in all the above three steps in analysis, events are modeled on various aspects such as for graphic user interface testing etc. An effort must be put forward for a complete analysis so that there are no errors in the software. 

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