An Enhanced Protection System for Online –Shopping To Avoid Cross Site Scripting (Xss) Attacks

Nowadays, websites are allowing the users to browse and perform different types of activities such as finding information, shopping and playing services. Among the total websites related to web services, shopping websites are playing important role that allows the customers to view, select and buy the products online by ordering them. These websites even supports the companies in getting the feedback about their products and services offered. In order to perform all the tasks, the customers should first access into the website by registering into it. In online shopping process hacking the customer profiles is the major problem because many hackers are using the Java Script in order to hack the user’s data. Among the total problems associated with online shopping, XSS- cross site scripting can be considered as the serious hacking attack over the websites.

Existing System

In many existing systems, users are facing many problems with the hackers who are hacking their personal data where they are using online shopping resources. In many existing systems, the Java Script is widely used to hack the user data because most of the websites nowadays are more vulnerable towards these types of attacks. Hackers are trying to hack the data by copying the code used by the users and they are hacking the user cookies which are referred to as session hacking process. By hacking the users data, hackers are browsing the personal and confidential information of the users such as banking details, credit and debit card numbers etc.

Proposed System

The proposed system is secured process in which there is no possibility for occurrence of XSS attacks same as in the existing systems. The personal data of the user will be secured high that filters the users data immediately and the data which is updated by using java script will not be updated and stored in the system that totally secures the users information from different types of hacker attacks.

System Requirements

This system needs four different types of modules such as user registration, product catalogue, and product review as well as payment options. 

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