An Embedded Electric Meter Based On The Zigbee Data Acquisition System Abstract


The debugging of an electrical circuit can be done by knowing the voltage, temperature and current information. By providing the data acquisition system in the power supply  we can know these values . This paper concentrates on developing a data acquisition system which measures the voltage from 0 to 50v, current values upto 50 amps and finds temperature on the ambient and loads. Here the zigbee communication for data acquisition.

Construction of data acquisition system:

The current voltage and temperature sensors are used which gives the sensed information during the working of the circuit the sensed information from the sensors is fed to the arm processor. For monitoring the process a 8051 microcontroller is used at the receiver unit   from the given signals by the controller the micro processor acts accordingly in the transmitter unit. For the microcontroller to operate accordingly we have to provide it with the data. The internal oscillator frequency is set to 4mhz for its working. The baund rate at which the data is transmitted is 9 bits in which one bit is used for stat or stop information and the other 8 bits are used for data information. To control the sampling rate timer is used and by polling the overflow bit are controlled. The micro chip on the pic microcontroller provides environment for compiling coding setting up and controlling programs. For the transmission between the ends systems RF communication is used which operates at 2.4ghz frequency.

Conclusions’ and Future scope:

Here the complexity of the project increases due to transmission of data between the end systems. The data acquisition system can be further developed by the use of high resolution ADC converters. Here the chances of delaying occur when the processor fails to process the data quickly and sometimes interference may occur in the transmission signals.

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