Alumni Portal App Mobile Application


In this project, we are developing a real time Android Mobile Application. This App provides a platform for sharing information among different categories of an Educational institution and brings information together from diverse source in a uniform way. The category mainly includes Alumni Students. The App will be a mobile app which runs on any Android Operating System.

The Alumni will be always interested and keen to maintain relations with the institution he/she studied. With this app, they can contribute much to the institution in the form of providing guidance to their juniors regarding various aspects like career opportunities, way or preparation for entrance exams etc.This information from Alumni will be much useful to the juniors as they can be guided with different fields such as Industry, Research, various upcoming technologies etc.

The app can be different from any other various social networking sites as the design is from our side, we need not to depend on others to perform various modification’s on the features like adding a new feature, modifying the existing feature, deleting a feature etc.

Not only the students, the portal also provides platform for the faculty to share their knowledge and impart to them effectively.


The proposed system is completely integrated online systems.


1. User Module (Front end & Back End)

a) Alumni

b) Student (junior)

c) Faculty

2. Admin Module


Software Requirements:

Operating system            :               Windows Xp / windows 7.

Tool                                       :               Eclipse IDE

Data Base                            :               SQL Server 2005

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