Alcohol Detector Project Report

    Introduction to Alcohol Detector Project:

This project is for ECE final year students which explain about a alcohol detection mechanism which is developed in embedded systems using C programming language.

                    So for detecting the alcohol drunken people, we have to use mainly both RF Transmitter and RF Receiver, microcontroller, encoder, decoder, DC-motor, Buzzer, L293D, Alcohol Detector. Software requirements are KEIL-C and Code.

                    The embedded kit is placed in a vehicle and the vehicle is under the control of hardware. When a person enters into the vehicle, the alcohol detector has detected the alcohol drunken person, immediately microcontroller sends the information to the encoder. Encoder encodes the information and sends to the RF transmitter, RF transmitter receives the information and sends to RF receiver, and it sends the information to the decoder. The decoder decodes in the information in the form of serial communication. O/P of decoder gives to buzzer, so immediately the buzzer or alarm will be ring.

                    The dc motor and LM293D are used for future enhancement. Future development will be developing robot for house cleaning purpose by using wireless communication. It is the better communication compare to other communications. In the same way internal operation will be done but some extension is dc motor will be used for moment of robot and LM293D will be give the direction of motion purpose. So finally say that embedded system is better usage for specific tasks. 

 Download Alcohol Detector Project Report.

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