Airline Reservation System Project Report In Java

 Introduction to Airline Reservation System Project:

Air travel has become less and less cheaper over the years, as a result the no: of passengers has increased considerably. Unlike a train or bus ticket where we have to stand in a queue besides a counter, air tickets are usually booked online. The proposed system is a web portal where the user can book their air travel tickets between two cities online on a particular date. There will be a provision for searching the flights for a travel destination on an input date, the search result will comprise of the full details such as flight no, flight name, cost, arrival and departure time etc. A cancellation option is also given in case user wishes to abandon his travel for various reasons.

Working Modules

There are two major modules in this web portal: Admin Module and User Module:

Admin Module:

Admin controls and manages the whole portal. Admin adds all basic master entries such as flight details, place details, route details, scheduling etc. Admin can also view user bookings and cancellation of the user.

User Module:

User can search ticket availability first by giving the departure & destination place and the date of travel in the site. Various flights operating on that day on that route will be displayed. If there is seat available on the flight, user will be directed to a booking page where user can type his details such as name, phone, address, no: of persons travelling etc. and also the credit card payment details are entered. The card is then validated and a reservation no: is generated automatically. If there is no seat available in user’s choice flight then other alternate flights will be shown to book tickets. For cancellation the user has to type the travel date, user name and the reservation no: for validation.

Changes made by both modules get effected in the user and admin databases.

 Download Airline Reservation System Project Report In Java.

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