Airline Reservation System BCA Project Report

Introduction to Airline Reservation System BCA Project:

The title of the project is “Airline Reservation”. It is used to do reservation in flights through online by using internet. Previously, the existing system is done by manually and not generated immediate and updated results. I.e., if any person wants to do reservation, he/she have to travel certain distance and does the work manually before 2weeks. So they waste their time and money and even not get immediate results. If any information is missing, they can’t get reservation. It is very lengthy process and not secure. So we should provide a new technique. In which these mistakes are not done by us and not to waste anything.

                         Airline reservation system has two parts, which are exercise reservation platform (ERP) and management platform. ERP faces only passengers. To avoid these types of shortcuts we provided a new software, which is not only user interface but also show the details of flights and time schedule all related information. It fulfills the passenger’s desire. Depending on the problem we have to study the feasibility study is nothing but testing the utility of feasibility and meet the user need and effective use of resources and checks the working ability of our propose system.

                         Feasibility study is 3-types, which are Technical feasibility (TF), Economic feasibility (EF) and Operational feasibility (OF). TF is used for both software and hardware existing computer system. These technical resources are sufficient for our system and determines whether. EF is used for economic position not to weigh budget. Consider only s/w and h/w, development and implementation. OF is used for according to user need we have to operate that way. h/w requirements are RAM-64MB, Hard disk and processer. s/w requirements are Microsoft visual basic6.0, MS Access2000, OS windows 98SE.

                          Advantage of this system has online electronic post office. So data is encrypted and performance is accuracy, high-effective, reservation and cancellation enquiry. Future enhancement is our system more reliable, reservation and cancellation enquiry, flight status, all these will be done through online by adding large-scale SQL server, advanced VISUAL BASIV and passengers will ask airline time  and enquiry. 

Download  Airline Reservation System BCA Project Report.

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