Airline Company Case Study DBMS project

1 Data modeling design

In this step, you’ll model the data requirements of your Airline Company case study system. You deliverable for this step will be the entity types and relationship types that describe your case study system. You must include an ER diagram drawn using the Dia drawing application as prat of your deliverable for this step.

2 Relational Database Schema Development

In this step, you’ll produce a set of relational database schema from your ER diagram. Your schema must identify the the tables required with the table schema: the table attributes along with their domains, primary key constraints, alternate key constraints, foreign key constraints, and any general column or table constraints. Be sure also to specify whether attributes are nullable.

In this step, you will also ensure that your tables are in 3NF.

Your deliverable for this step is an English language description of the database schema. You should include the functional dependencies that you identified for your tables as evidence that your tables in 3NF. You are not to implement the tables using SQL for this deliverable.

3 Relational Database Implementation

In this step, you will implement the table schema developed in step 2, using the Postgres SQL DDL language. Your deliverable will be a Postgres SQL DDL script which when run in Postgres creates the tables for your case study.

4 Table Population

In this step, you’ll create a data set for your database. Your deliverable will be a Postgres SQL DML script which when run, inserts your data set into the database tables and also a text document with the data presented in a tabular format.

5 Database Operational testing

In this final step, you’ll create a Postgres SQL DML script which performs a set of queries on your populated database.

Each case study has a set of sample queries. Choose any ten of these queries and implement them. Your deliverable will be a Postgres SQL DML script, which when run, performs the queries on your database as well as a text document with the query results presented in a tabular form.

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