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Agriculture Updates by SMS A Cloud Computing Approach Project Abstract

July 9, 2012 posted in Cloud computing projects, CSE Projects with Source Code, MSC MCA Projects by Kasarla shanthan/Ramesh Gavva

Project Description: This Agriculture Updates by SMS – A Cloud Computing Approach project is improvement of existing “Mobile based Information System”, using   Cloud Computing. The technology is choosen, because it is ready to serve the small and medium business segment, which is our area of concern. We considered service type as Data-as-a-Service, where we are providing Pricing Details to customer against the Database Queries. And the particular Deployment Model is Community Cloud, which is especially for the Farmers. Here We are providing Abstract of this Academic Project and students of computer sciece Engineering can develop an app with the help this Abstract.

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  1. amreen wrote:

    please give me code of agriculture sms updates project

  2. Sachin wrote:

    Sir/Mam, give me code of agriculture sms updates project…..


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