Advertising Express Project Report

Introduction to Advertising Express Project:

It was extremely tedious few years back to inform people about a product or a service, few options such as newspaper, TV, Radio were there but all had a very limited audience. Internet has changed the complete outlook of the classified advertisement sector, now any person can post his or her ads online and obtain a favorable result within minutes of posting. To mix marketing, advertising and media together become more and more easy these days, a global audience is exposed to a user’s ads.

The web portal “Add Express” is an online portal dealing with loads of ads posted under various categories by the user. A user can become both vendor and consumer as they can sell or buy a product from this site.

The project is divided into two main modules: Administrator & User

Administrator Module: Admin can manage and moderate site members; they can also add various categories and sub categories under which ads have to be placed. They can edit or delete these categories and sub categories. An admin can act as a user and can place new ads, yellow page links etc. Admin can generate ad reports created by him or user. Also he can manage the ad works by assigning the tasks like online exams to various employees and also can monitor their status. Admin should also approve everything posted by the user. They should also send regular newsletters to the registered users.

User Module: Users can register with this site and can post or view ads based on various categories. He can search new ads by submitting a new search query under a category or a sub category. Users can also add yellow pages and other site links which would be helpful for other users when they search. User would be also receiving newsletters through mail from the admin. User can create new categories which would be published after admin approval.

Download Advertising Express Project Report , documentation.

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