Advertising can be considered as the successful resource which is a combination of different techniques that could be used for the purpose of promoting products and services of a company. The brand image and brand awareness can be created by using the advertisements. Nowadays, in this competitive market for getting competitive advantages among their competitors many companies are using advertisements as their major marketing campaigns. In order to perform their advertisements, companies are trying to make use of advertising agencies through which they are trying to design their advertisements efficiently to attract the customers. Especially advertising agencies are happened to be important resources within the advertising field and they are playing important role in supporting the companies with their effective advertising designs and campaigns. Advertising agencies are the group of people who has experienced talented and skilled individuals capable of making efficient advertisements on behalf of companies in order to succeed themselves in the market place. The main functions of advertising agencies are explained in detail as follows:

  • They will allow the companies to create brand awareness among the customers of specific companies
  • They will support the companies in improving the sales and market values of their products and services
  • They will convey the products and service messages of the specific company to the customers

Advertising agencies are providing many added advantages to the companies in maintaining their product expertise with brand knowledge and they will even save the costs and time of the companies who are trying to market their products and services by using advertising agencies. The major advertising mediums in the current markets are newspapers, television, mails, radio, magazines, and broachers, outdoor and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. 

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