Advantages and disadvantages of Instant messaging (IM)

Advantages and disadvantages of IM

Every technology has advantages as well as disadvantages; similarly IM also has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • IM provides a high speed real time communication.
  • The communication on IM is not only fast but is also secured by using simple encryption protocols.
  • The uses of IM is not only limited to real time conversation but it can also be used for instant file transfers, audio-video chat, team discussion etc.


  • It is not completely secured to use IM as a mode of communication since data encryption and decryption are not done, and hence can be hacked by any third person.
  • It leads to informal and immoral ways of communication which sometimes results in wastage of time and resources.

Proposed Solution

In this Instant messaging (IM) application I have put in effort to overcome the problem areas faced by the public IM’s. It is developed with focus mainly on the Information Security principles, which means that how the messages being exchanged are kept confidential from the eavesdroppers. I have used Cryptographic algorithms to keep the messages secret, to provide Authentication and Integrity. I have used Certificate Authority for the secure key management exchange. I have developed this application using Java platform which is platform independent.

This Project Paper is written & submitted by Deepak V.

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