Advancements in Chess Game

In the present world there are so many gaming techniques that are emerging rapidly for the development of chess game, here are some work and techniques that has been taken place in previous research’s about chess game that has used artificial intelligence for creating a perfect and challenging matches  are listed below.

Most of the previous researches developed  are on the basis of current and previous techniques, so in an attempt to go beyond those techniques a lot of previous research that’s taken place on the chess has been taken into consideration where some are focused on the descriptive way and the other’s went in a practical way.

In reference to the above phrase it can be known that there is a lot of advancement in the present world for chess game, but for a better and good development of any application the research has to be started from the early stages which has been taken into consideration for the development.

In a previous researches it states that in 1997 the IBM company  has increased the processor and power of the computer which lead to a much better performance where computer is capable of analysing 200 million moves per second which results the programmes developed are capable of generating a large number  moves as quick as human is capable off.

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