Advanced Techniques in RDBMS CSE Seminar Topic

Introduction to Advanced Techniques in RDBMS CSE Seminar Topic:

Database management system (DBMS) is used as a method to easily retrieve, add, modify, or remove data. There are basically two types of data’s; logical data, like the values stored in a computer program and physical data, like a file or receipt. RDMS is a DBMS that manages the relational database; RDBMS has become a predominant choice for the storage of information in new databases which has been used for financial record, logistical records, data’s which personal etc are.

Relational database management system (RDBMS) broke all data down into collections of objects or relations that store the actual data (i.e., tables). A set of operators were introduced by RDBMS so that it could act on the related objects to produce other objects like for e.g. joining conditions to produce a new result set. Data consistency, accuracy and overall integrity were ensured by the proposed model.

Relational model basics:

Existing data’s are viewed as two dimensional or 2-D tables known as relations

Unique attributes (columns) and tuples (rows) are the two components of a relation ( table )

Tuples are unique and are not repetitive

Unlimited no: of values can be inserted into the columns or in some other case no values would be inserted into the columns, such cases will be represented by a null value

A Null value is not the same as zero, blank or an empty string

A database whose logical organization is whole based on relational data model is called a Relational database

This paper is focused on the security and scalability issues faced by system administrators when implementing a centralized reporting infrastructure. This paper looks at the functionality available within the Oracle Reports Server to address these issues, and indicates the tasks required to implement it. It does not cover the design of the Reports Server and assumes a basic understanding of the architecture and the methods required to implement it. 

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