Advanced MCA and CSE Seminar Topic on Self Organised Maps

Introduction to Advanced MCA and CSE Seminar Topic on Self Organised Maps:

This self organised map is widely used in bio- info matrix and in neural networks. It is used for grouping the data. It depends upon the certain set of the input the input given to the system used to get vary, so the output of the system which depends upon the input of the system.

The mapping is done by the set of the input data, the points which is given to the system and it is considered as an neurons each neuron or the points contains an space between each other and it calculates first only the shortest distance between them and then only the surrounding points each objects which is given as the input is considered as a pattern those pattern may be the images, speech, signals and entry of the data base through this pattern we can able to understand the process


In this the neural network, all the neural are distributed in the form of weight s along with some distances it used to take,It gets calculated by calculating the distances between them and by calculating the weights of each neurons when the weight of each neuron is found matching with each other then it is taken and it is also be separated in to groups and each groups or the cluster is declared as an neuron and the distances between them is calculated.

 The input used to get vary at all the time for example the photodiode the output voltage is completely depends upon the input intensity of light which falls on it .It is said to be in the form of matrix .

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