Advanced Communication through Flesh Redtacton Seminar Report

Introduction to Advanced Communication through Flesh Redtacton Seminar Topic:

 Transferring data from one system to another system is done by many methods like WAN is used for remotely connected to many servers and terminal by internet, LAN is used in offices and homes by Ethernet or Wi-Fi, HAN is used for personal information by media and applications. In these methods data is not secure. So we can choose secure methods. Human body networking is the best secure compared to all other networkings. Our body is backbone for broadband personal data linking to mobile or MP3 player to cordless headset, digital camera to PC or printer, etc. “REDTACTON” is a new technology. Tacton means touching with red color.

It is completely different from wireless and infrared connectivity. Is uses medium as human surface of the body. It is transceiver; communication will be done by the moments of human surfaces like hands, fingers, arms, feet, legs or torso. It is also works through shoes as well as clothing. Physically separate ends the contact then ends the communication. It works as half-duplex communication with a speed of 10Mbit/s. it’s important component of transceiver is a minute electric field sensor implemented with an electro optic crystal and laser light. It can available separately as transmitter and receiver.

Bluetooth is also a wireless connectivity, but in offices have many Bluetooth. So there will be confusion and chances to get virus. Using a super-sensitive photonic electric field sensor, RedTacton works as duplex-communication over human body at a speed of 10Mbps. REDTACTON main features are by touching, gripping, broadband& interactive, and in any media communication will be possible.

Applications of the REDTACTON are touch a printer to print, instantaneous private network throw personal handshake, connect to the network just by putting a lap-top on the table, just sitting in the seat triggers the car to load all its presets, just the way you like. It is available as PC card type and HUB type.

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