Administration of Super Specialty Hospital Activities Abstract

The main aim and purpose of this project is to design and develop a Web Based Hospital Administration System that can be used for managing the entire operations of hospitals and more specifically to offer efficient services to the patients over the hospitals. Hospitals can make use of this application called Hospital Management Software for the purpose of making medical bills and other activities involved at hospital. This project contains two different sections such as advanced MD as well as advanced EMR that are explained in detail as follows:

Advanced MD

This is medical billing software that can be used to generate the entire medical bills of the patients without any errors which generates the bill payment slip that can be used to claim different insurances that even includes different elements such as maintenance of patient record, appoints schedule, patient check in and check out details, claims management, medial bill collection, reports generation as well as hospital management.

Advanced EMR

 This advanced MD can be considered as the practice management that is used to produce the access to the users about their medical information which is having similar characteristics of EMR- Electronic Medical Records that saves the money and time of the patients which involves different elements such as patient chart and dashboard, patient documentation, patient charge sheets as well as partners of EMR.

Hardware Requirements

This application needs Pentium IV processor with 120GB RAM and 40GB hard disk with high resolution monitor.

Software Requirements

This system needs an HTML, CSS, Java Script along with Java, JDBC, JNDI, Servlets and JSP including Eclipse with Oracle or SQL server as database and Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris as Operating System and finally the server deployments are BEA WebLogic/JBoss/WebSphere/Tomcat. 

Download Administration of Super Specialty Hospital Activities Abstract.

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