Adaptive Missile Guidance Using GPS PPT and Seminar Report

Introduction to Adaptive Missile Guidance Using GPS:

It is a method by which missile get a command to move at certain path and to reach the certain target. These commands may be generated by internal autopilot or some external source. Missiles are guided into many ways;

Using radar: they send their radar signal that is reflected back from tanks, planes used in the battle, these radar signals help the missile to acquire their targets, and most of the them are successful.

Using wires: they have a coil of wire wounded at the back of missile, when they are launched they move in linear direction to acquire targets, gunman send required signals to the missile to acquire the targets and if case wire broke then targets will never be achieved. In this missile they have no device.

Using lasers: these missiles are fires using laser technique that look for heat signature once it get heat target is acquire and even may the target is moving it will shot the target, but it is not good bad weather during cloud.

GPS; it means global positioning system. It is the system that tracks anyone on the earth anytime in any weather. They are used in missiles for targets. Their navigation depend on devices that senses it motion and acceleration in different position known as gyroscopes.

Satellite:  in case of poor visibility satellite guided weapons are used such as JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munitions). They are more accurate then laser technique.

Using GPS: They use 3 axis accelerometer packages for reference of autopilot. They are fire and forget weapons, do not require launch air craft remain in vicinityof target for guidance.

GPS other Application: Navigation Systems Timing and Ranging and they are used to locate living or non- living things like “Google earth”

Download Adaptive Missile Guidance Using GPS PPT.

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