Activity Tracker ASP.NET Project Abstract

Introduction to Activity Tracker ASP.NET Project:

Activity tracker project is implemented in platform using MS-SQL server as backend database. Main aim of this project is to develop an online software application for organization form maintaining different stages of work in a single application. Using these software professionals from different departments can update daily status to this software. Using this application administration cost can be reduced and provide a bridge for effective communication between company, client and employee. Consultants can upload timesheets using this application; time sheets include details of project time, coding, employee’s resources, testing and documentation for entire week. Time sheets can be verified based on project or client wise. Manger can approve or reject these time sheets; manager will approve time sheets after every end of the week using a week ending dates option. Mangers are provided with different search features for selecting type of reports to be viewed based on requirement.

Admin will look after different users information updated to application like time sheets form customers, employees, users, project details and maintain permissions for users login. This application is implemented in three modules consultant, manager and administrator. In consultant module time sheets are updated on daily and weekly basis and in manager module he will look after updated time sheets and take decisions based on time sheets. In admin module administrator will look after managing user’s login information, manager’s details, project details and employee details. 

In existing system manual methods are used where large amount of labour is required and investment is also more. Tracking work for every hour is not possible in manual process. Managing multiple uses works at time is not possible. 

In proposed system users from different departments will update information to application which helps in knowing work details every time. Time taken for analyzing weekly and monthly work will be easy and fast. 

Download Activity tracker project abstract.

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