Active Server Pages Servlets and JSP


           On top of the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) the understanding technology is built known as Active Server Pages. A single or multi scripts are added in the HTML page that is an ASP. Earlier, the page is sent to the client that is practiced on a Microsoft web server. Just like Common Gateway Interface the ASP is somewhat similar because both are involved in programs and they run the program in server. For any browser the HTML page is distributed, where as a normal HTML page is immediately structured by the server side script. By counting VB script, java script, Perl script a script is written in HTML file formed by ASP file it is named as” .asp” file suffix.

Only in the Microsoft Web server this ASP works but in other web servers it does not work. This is one of the most important benefits in the ASP technology.


 These Servlets answer to the Common Gateway Interface Programming because Servlets are java technologies. On the web server these programs run. The requirements of a Servlet are accomplished by a java machine because Servlet is a java class.

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