Accurate Electricity Monitoring of the Household Appliances

Aim: The main aim of this project is “To reduce the interference and to get the accurate electricity monitoring of the household appliances”.

EXISTING SYSTEM: In the existing method electricity can be monitored by using the parameters like voltage and current these 2 Parameters can be sensed by using the voltage and current sensors. but the controlling of the devices in the house is not possible in the existing system. to overcome this disadvantages we are going for proposed method.

PROPOSED SYSTEM: The A Power Sensor Tag with Interference Reduction for Electricity Monitoring Of Two-Wire Household Appliances project consists of voltage sensor and current sensor and loads. The house hold appliances like bulbs consume power.

The parameters current and voltage can be sensed by using the 2 sensors. And the values are posted onto the GPRS. According to these values we can calculate the demand response. The interference of the wire is also calculated. if the values of the voltage and current are exceeding the threshold condition then the load can be tripped off.

This current and voltage sensors coming in energy meter. We will place energy meter instead of current and voltage sensors.



  • Microcontroller
  • GPRS
  • Power supply
  • Relay
  • LCD
  • Bulbs


  • Flash magic
  • Embedded C
  • Express PCB

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