Access Gateways PPT

This Paper Presentation explains about the concept of the access gateways where the gateways are called as the gateway from the telephony networks to the other related networks and the protocols. This gateway permits the protected and the secure access to the wireless communication of the ad hoc networks from the pre structured networks and the protocols such as same of the internet or the intranet. This gateway is the common answer for the system which completely works on the largely and most time used applications. The first launched application was operating similar to the router of today’s generation.

The specific feature of the access gateways are the gateways has the specific files which is only described in the ad hoc networks only. This system also has its own business related models. This gateway gives the DNS services to the user as it main feature. It also provides the IP based structured networks and protocols.

 The functions that the user has the permission to operate are Discover here the user can self discover the available gateways, Connect here the user can get connected to the gateways with the help of the DNS services, Disconnect the user can also disconnect himself from the connection to the gateways. The use of the DNS service is user can use the DNS service which is completely permitted by the Data and the Network Securities.

The requirement that the system needs to execute the programs properly are first the functional requirements and the non functional requirements. Secondly the functional requirements are based on the required functionalities. And the third is the non functional requirements that are based on the properties of the related and required functionalities. The gateway self provides the functions called the start function and the stop function. The start functions start the function and the stop function stops the gateways function when not in need.

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