Introduction to A Test Bed for Performance Evaluation of Load Balancing Strategies for Web Server Systems Project:

Ever since the dawn of this century the no: of internet users have gone up in the rate of knots. To manage heavy work load is not easy for a web server and as a result it will lead to a response time lag or even crashing of the web server. To balance the load often the web server is mirrored to the other web server in the same cluster near to the client, the size of the cluster may vary from small to large depending on the server. Other clusters should be chosen only if the entire server in the first cluster is full. The most optimum load balancing techniques are those which reduce the client-server communication time to the minimum

Load balancing is categorized into decision and migration base which can be further split as global and local based on the scenario. The request distribution approach is categorized as client based, DNS based, Dispatcher based, Server based and anycast method. The main design goals are compatible components, server side changes only, and better performance at client side, user independent, minimum faults, no overloading or additional over lauding. There are metrics to measure the client-server proximity namely geographical, network distances, RTT, available band width, response time etc. The main two places where load balancing takes place are at DNS and cluster front node.

Target of Design test bed

  • Must project the real time situation in a lab environment
  • Must be common in order to include various policies for the distribution of the request
  • Must be flexible so that no major change in components while modifying
  • State Info of the servers must be transferred correctly so that the policies will be executed and analyzed easily
  • Dynamic in designing so that it do not confine server or cluster no:s.
  • Should throw light on webs server system implementation
  • Understand the impact of parameters and tradeoffs
  • Comparison of new policies and existing policies

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