A study on Sensor Nodes Attestation Protocol in a WSN Project Report covers detailed explanation about project. Here we provide introduction to topic.

Sensor networks are been widely used in different fields of applications like fire monitoring, pollution monitoring, machine measurements of industries, wild environment management etc. WSN- wireless sensor networks can be considered as the wireless networks associated with wires that embraces different types of nodes called sensors arranged into a single architecture. Basically sensor nodes must contain different types of functions such as wireless communications as well as sensing activities. Because of some security problems related to routing process the wireless sensor networks are limited with some radio frequency channels which are not linked with any sensor nodes for physical security within a specific topology.

 For this reason, the hardware restrictions within the topology networks is the main reason that is allowing the wireless sensor networks to become more vulnerable towards different types of adverse effects. In order to overcome this problem, there is a necessity of incorporating all the nodes present within the system i.e. use of hirechary approach which performs the information sharing between two different nodes.

Every sensor network has it own sensor nodes which are capable of performing sensing process within appropriate sensing locations which is allowing the hackers to enter the attack the wireless sensor networks in an easier way. Because of presence of more vulnerability within the networks, the total network sensors that are present in the network are adversely affected by the attackers. For this particular reason, securing wireless sensor networks is happened to be vital task for the developers. They are trying to use two different types of steps through which in the first step they are connecting the relation between the sensor nodes present within the networks. In the second step, sensor node attestation is performed through which the total activities taking place in the wireless sensor networks can be easily identified and solved. 

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