A Study on Financial Statement Analysis (Ratio Analysis) Of Hetero Drugs Ltd

 A Study on Financial Statement Analysis (Ratio Analysis) Of Hetero Drugs Ltd (Project submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration by Osmania University).

Submitted by

Ravi Kumar

Hall ticket No. XXXX 

Under the Guidance of

D. Vamshi Krishna

Associate Professor 


(Affiliated to Osmania University)

Gagillapur (V), Qutubullapur (Mandal), R.R.Dist.



I hereby declare that this project report titled A STUDY ON “FNANCIAL STATEMENTSANALYSIS (RATIO ANALYSIS)” OF HETERO DRUGS LTD. submitted by me to the Department of MBA, O.U., Hyderabad.

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I had done my project in Hetero Drugs Ltd. The untiring efforts of the Chairman saw Hetero develop processes for several products at relatively low cost, thus making it possible for several life savings drugs to be available at affordable prices.

My topic is Financial Statements Analysis by using Ratio Analysis technique. I was analyzed the 5 years financial statements with the help of various types of ratios. I analyzed company position from the point of liquidity, profitability, solvency and efficiency. I used many tables and graphs for analysis and interpretation. This provided me with great opportunity to learn about the practical field. I tried to act in a very professional way during my internship at Hetero Drugs Ltd. During my project I was able to develop good relation with every employee I had work with.

I feel that the overall project helped me a lot to learn about the research strategies in general. I learned how to make better use of databases for analysis and interpretation. I learned how to analyze and evaluate the performance of a company by using ratio analysis technique.


            I would like to express my gratitude to my project internal guide Mr. D. Vamshi Krishna Associate Professor, St. Francis P.G. College, Gagillapur (v), Qutubullapur, Hyderabad.

            I express my sincere gratitude to all authorities permitting me to undertake recent study.  In particularly I express my deep gratitude to who have whole heartedly co-operated me in collecting the data from there records.

            My sincere thanks to H.O.D and  Principal, St. Fransis P.G. College for his kind attention and valuable suggestions throughout the course.

            Finally graceful thanks of my project guide for giving complete guidance in completing my project successfully.

Place :Hyderabad

Date  :

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