A Secure Communication Protocol For Ad Hoc Networks Java Project Abstract

Introduction to A Secure Communication Protocol For Ad Hoc Networks Java Project:

The biggest problem everyone faces while sending or sharing data is the security issue associated with the transfer. The chance of infiltration is higher in a less secured network and as a result there would be loss of important confidential data. The ad-hoc network is independent of any fixed infrastructure and it’s the each individual node in it that works as a router by managing and transferring the data among each other.

There should be a highly secured and safe protocol for communication between each of these nodes. This topic deals with such innovative security measure called clustering adapted for such ad-hoc networks. The data packets are shared between two nodes inside and among these clusters. A head node is selected to execute all important functions and uses various technological processes such as encryption and cryptography to make the whole system more authentic, secure and scalable. 

The data packets are usually vulnerable to hacker attacks and it is extremely important to protect them from such malicious attacks. Techniques such as symmetric key cryptography and authentication techniques such as Kerberos authentication are used to manage the integrity and transparency of these data packets. A method and an algorithm which is randomized to control access to channel broadcast is also another technique used to secure communication protocol of these types of ad-hoc networks.

A distributed clustering algorithm is also used to help cluster the nodes. A leader is selected within a cluster and other nodes maintain close proximity to this leader in cluster leader based scheme which reduces the cluster overhead considerably well. The two different algorithms namely randomized channel control access and distributed clustering are also used for increasing the security of the protocol. By using these methods the overall efficiency of the ad-hoc network increases and the overhead considerably decreases. 

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