Introduction to A Routing-Driven Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous:

Routing driven elliptic curve cryptography based key management scheme for heterogeneous project explains about concept of developing a efficient sensor based systems using heterogeneous sensor networking model called as HSN. This system works on key management cryptographic techniques which is important factor for security in communication networks. Each sensor nodes share these keys without any issues of where they are located, because of this method large amount of load should be handled by nodes. In many to one traffic method data from different nodes are send to base station which causes problem of load sharing and only few amount of data is shared between neighbor nodes.

Considering these issues in existing system we develop a routing driven key management scheme in which cryptography keys are shared between neighbor nodes for effective communication. Key management scheme works on elliptic curve cryptography and this method provides an effective method to handle security, load, power management a less communication.

In present scenario wireless communication and sensor communication technology is mostly used in military, household, environment, health care related applications. But in existing system every sensor node has same capabilities which cause poor fundamental performance limit and scalability. In order to overcome these issues we propose heterogeneous sensor networks.

In this project we provide entire project source code and database. This project is implemented in java platform using mysql server. In order to run this application initially sql server setup should initialized and run run.bat file and enter nodes in the cluster and then cluster header interface is displayed where user should enter cluster name and cluster node and register to generate password key. Detailed explanation of project execution is provided in video file.

For more information on this project students can download project abstract, source code and video file from below download link.

Download Routing driven elliptic curve cryptography based key management scheme for heterogeneous full project.