A Novel Cross Layer Intrusion Detection System in MANET Project Proposal

Aims and Objectives 

Aim: To propose an intruder detection system that can detect the intruder actions at the node and routing protocol level using OPNET modeler simulation 

Following are the objective of this project

  • Literature search:  The investigation on the Impact of Feature Reduction on the Efficiency of Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • Investigate and review the types of intrusion detection systems.
  • To analyze or evaluate the impact of the feature reduction with in the efficiency of the wireless intrusion detection system.
  • To make use of OPNET in order to evaluate and compare the results.
  • To create three scenarios and compare the scenarios against the performance metrics used
  • To evaluate the results after comparing the scenarios and understand the detection mechanism for intruder actions at the node and routing protocol level 

How the objectives will be achieved:

  • The qualitative research method of approach is been used in order to collect the information or data which is required to fulfill my research work.
  •  In order to obtain the information the different articles are taken in to consideration.
  • These articles are gathered from different Internet sources to get the appropriate information.
  • If these articles will not provide the required information, then different case studies which are been already reviewed on the relevant topic will be considered.

The process of information collection will not contain any ethical issues, as the information is been gathered in a proper way, if the articles or case studies which are to be gathered have any limitations like getting permission from the researcher of that particular articles, then the required permissions will be taken to consider that articles, and the information which is been collected will not be misused.

Paper Written & Submitted by Harsha

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