A Model for Content Based Image Retrieval System Final Year Project

Project title:  A Model for Content Based Image Retrieval System


The advanced technologies in the image compression and retrieval techniques have a lot of research interest in recent years, especially for Content-Based Image Retrieval System (CBIR). Content-Based Image Retrieval System focus on the retrieval of image within a large collection of images by assuming the query given by the user. The main purpose is to develop fast and efficient strategy to retrieve the query concept. 

Early research in image retrieval technique has been focused only on low-level vision. At these stages, Images were first annotated with text and then searched using a text based approach from the traditional database system. It also named as a keyword annotation, which is a natural extension of text retrieval. Unfortunately, after years of research, the retrieval performance is still far from user’s expectations. There will be lot of disadvantages like speed of image retrieval is very slow, inconsistency and not reliable while using a text based image retrieval system. These past experiences have made it clear that learning techniques need to be integrated into the retrieval system. Learning is a general concept and it can be from statistic models. 

Project Aim:

The aim of the project is to develop and implement a Model for Component Based Image Retrieval System to retrieve an image from the large collection of images in the database system. This kind of strategy will be more useful to the users to find and retrieve the required image as quick as possible from the database

Project Objective:

Core Objective:

To developed system uses the Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) Technique in order to retrieve the image from the database system based on the users query given to the system. The users query can be performed in the way such that those images can be classified into several frameworks and retrieved by comparing several classification techniques in the retrieval content.

  • Developing a user friendly software system
  • Performing the user’s query in the system.
  • Retrieving the required images from the system quickly.
  • Display the required output to the users.

Advanced Objective:

Although the proposed retrieval model is for CBIR, it can be easily expanded to handle other media types, such as video and audio files. 

Requirements Analysis: 

  • Analysis of different interactive image retrieval techniques used in Multimedia applications and using an optimal technique (CBIR) to retrieve the image very quickly.
  • Analysis of various image processing methods and the attributes of images which are useful to identify and retrieve those images from the Database system.
  • Analysis of suitable queries given by the users related to the dimensions of those images.
  • Analysis of various limitations available for the system in order to retrieve an image from the database system.
  • Analysis of usability of the system in various fields like Multimedia, Engineering, Medical and Defence, etc. 

Project Plan: 




Literature Study-Background of the Project

EPP(Extended Project Proposal)

Study about Programming Concept in C#.NET



Literature Study 2-Project Requirement Analysis.

Existing and Proposed System

More Study about .NET with Database


Different Modules of the Project Planning of various development stages.




Various Components of the project.

Submission of Progress Report 1.

Design of Various Class Diagrams-ER diagram and use case diagram.


Description about various components of the project. Programming for Modules.



Report Preparation 1

Progress Report 2

Programming to interconnect Database system.



Report  Preparation 2 Programming

Perform Unit testing




Progress Report 3Final Report preparation and Referencing.


Testing and Debugging.



Submission of Draft Project Report Submission of model  Project file  System          



Oral Presentation              



Project Hand-in Date               



 Expected Achievements:

A user friendly software system which performs the following tasks

  • Perform Users login verification.
  • Performing user’s query in the system.
  • Retrieving the required images from the system quickly.
  • Display the required output to the users.

System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

  • System                       : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
  • Hard Disk                  : 40 GB
  • RAM                           : 256 MB 

Software Requirements:

  • Operating system     :-  Windows XP Professional
  • Front End                :-  Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • Back End                :- My SQL
  • Coding Language   : – C# 2005
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