A Minor Project Report on FTP

Introduction to A Minor Project Report on FTP:

File transfer protocol is a network used to copy a file. And even for transmitting files between computers using internet. FTP is mostly used to transfer web page files from their creator to the system that which acts as their server to everyone on the internet, can also be used  for downloading programs or any  from severs.

The contents of FTP are scope, definition of problem, problem description, theoretical background, system analysis and design, system planning, DFD, ERD & sequence diagram, adopted methodology, system implementation & details of hardware and software used, snapshots and work report.

 Scope: To ensure portability and compatibility & even to ensure system moves with time, in order to program the system by using appropriate syntax.

Theoretical Background: File transfer protocol is used to exchange and manipulate files. It is on client-server architecture. It is also used as an application component to automatically transfer for program internal functions.

Software Development Life Cycle: SDLC consists of a set of steps in which each step uses the results of the previous one. Important components are planning, analysis, design, and implementation and the waterfall model is a sequence of stages in which the output of the each becomes the input of the next.

 All these   stages are generalized into different ways as follows:                                                                                                                           

  1. Project   planning, feasibility study   
  2. System analysis   
  3. System   design
  4. Implementation
  5. Integration and testing
  6. Acceptance, installation, deployment
  7. Maintenance are the steps for SDLC.                       


  1. Cabling and installation
  2.  Observation was fixed to a specific area
  3. The camera cannot be easily moved to another.


  1. Wire connection
  2. Image clarity

 Facts considered in the feasibility analysis were technical, economic and behavioral feasibilities.

SCOPE: web site maintenance and publishing, uploading and download of images, movies and music files.

Assumptions: The details related to area to be monitored and Administrator is created in the system.


  1. End user/ Primary actor
  2. Pre-conditions
  3. Success Guarantee
  4. Trigger

  Work Report: It is done 5 phases. And the project is finished.

Download  A Minor Project Report on FTP.

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