A Linux Device Driver for USB to USB Direct Link Device Project Report

A Linux Device Driver for USB to USB Direct Link Device Project Report covers detailed explanation about project. Here we provide introduction to topic.

USB is referred to as universal serial bus came into existence in the year 1996 and its second version was released in the year 2000 which is capable of transferring the data with 480 Mbps speed. The product cost is less with higher rate of data transfer and gained more importance in this computer world. Nowadays this USB interfaces are allowing the users to connect different devices to the PC’s and every operating system will support this device. By using Linux there is no possibility for data transfer but by using this USB cables different types of data transactions can be performed between two systems. The operating systems related to Linux are not capable of providing the access through remote among the two PC’s but the file bandwidth is been used in order to transfer or share the files between two different computers or laptops which can be easily performed in operating system of Windows.

The main objective of this study is to create a system that supports USB remote access to transfer the data and files between two different systems and it includes two stages such as Kernel Module which is known as USB driver as well as user interface. In Kernel module phase the device driver will be designed which is called direct cable for connecting the two systems which suits best for operating systems of Linux. The low level system designed in this part will allow the users to transfer accurate, reliable and genuine files transfer among the systems. In this user interface stage, users can access the USB device remotely which provides transparent data access to the users in which the client server will be used that have three resources such as server side program, client side program as well as GUI QT.

Hardware Requirements:

  • USB Direct link cable
  • Intel P4 processor
  • 128MB Ram

Software Requirements:

  • Linux Kernel 2.6
  • GCC
  • QT

Download A Linux Device Driver for USB to USB Direct Link Device Project Report.

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