A GUI Oracle Interface in Java Project

The main aim of A GUI Oracle Interface in Java Project is to create the interface within Java for the GUI tool for improving the efficiency of GUI tool meant for the purpose of installation of ORACLE. In this system different types of aspects related to Java will be used such as Swings, JDBC, SQL plus, AWT as well as Oracle interface. In the total existing tools, GUI tool is happened to be important and efficient because it is a user friendly tool that supports the users in understanding the total commands present within it.

Existing System:

In the existing systems, the SQL Plus which belongs to Oracle is been used for the purpose of installing the database which provides access to the users by using command line interface. By making use of SQL Plus the terminal windows such as Unix and Linux of PC can be accessed but it is difficult to access the existing system to the users who are not having basic knowledge on computer usage.

Proposed System:

In this proposed system, GUI tool is used for the installation of Oracle which is more efficient and user friendly tool when compared with SQL Plus. By making use of this GUI tools users can easily access the system even though they are not having any computer knowledge. By using this GUI tool users can even design, manage and delete the tables and data within the main system database. Without the use of Command line interface all the activities related to data can be easily accessed in this proposed system.

Software Requirements:

  • Java based browser
  • Java and J2EE

Hardware Requirements

  • System environment GUI
  • 128MB Ram
  • 20GB Hard disk

Download A GUI Oracle Interface in Java Project.

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