A Docdetector for Detecting Hidden Data in MCDFF Project Abstract

Introduction to A DOCdetector for detecting hidden data in MCDFF Project:

Nowadays, every user of digital forensics who are using the files incorporated with MCDFF- Microsoft Compound Document File Format are facing many problems. Basically, it is very simple to perform the data storage in this MCDFF but it is too difficult to reduce the data which is stored within this MCDFF. In genera the files which are downloaded from internet in the form of Win3 API- application programming interface, there are many possibilities to the hackers to hide the information present in it. Even though many research works are been carried out earlier on MCDFF to reduce the data present in it, most of the research works faced failure and none of the tool is designed to overcome this problem.

This study deals with (“DOCdetector”) which is a new tool that is capable of detecting the hidden data present within MCDFF by using the exploits of this tool. The different study methods which are been utilized for the purpose of secured and hidden data allowed us to design and develop a specific tool called (“DOCdetector”) that is capable of examining and detecting the hidden data from MCDFF. 

Download A DOCdetector for detecting hidden data in MCDFF Project Abstract.

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