A Case Analysis Of Adoption Of An Rfid-Based Garment Manufacturing Information System In Lantex

INTRODUCTION (first you should select a company and specify the information system in detail—This point is covered here) 

There were increases in the challenges of globalization by following the abolishment of the world organization Quota system in 2005.them the textile industry of UK had started to adopt new technologies to develop and surpass in high rate added manufacturing. Advances in Information technology says that many prospects fore companies including to enhance, garment, textile  industry and  change their work process  and business relations .It is declared that its have  a potential impact on organizational operation efficiency and competitive advantages .Recently “Radio frequency identification” has attracted the attention of several organizations. There have lower profit margin in industries like garment producing industry. The RFID technology is using in the garment and textile industry for facilitating the promotional activities, stock taking operations and permit the retailers to allocate resources to customers. In conventional manufacturing procedure it was beneath the manual trailing system that once the materials had sent to the production shop floor then they were penetrate in to the black hole and visibility of production is not available for the management till it manufacturing is over. 

Most of the textile and garment producers are yet using “paper ticket” to supervise their operation. Each bundle is fixed with a paper ticket it is written with bar code label for various process steps. After sewer completed their work they will tear off their part in the paper ticket. The supervisor will gather tickets all tickets  at the end of the day  and then clerk will enter in to sewer staff identity an d scan their tickets. The information about the operation is collected ad input in to system at his point at the end of the day. The textile and garment industry adopting ARFID technology it improve their sales and business and to get huge range of benefits. So this paper discuss about the case study there it describes about case analysis of RFID based manufacturing process. 

This case study examines the phenomenon of RFID technology and how it shows impact on  service delivery in textile and garment company Lantex and rest of the paper is  arranged in this way .In the next part here it was reviewed the business value of RFID on garment industry and the perception of “technology-push and need-pull “ of espousal decision. Here discuss about actual implementation of RFID technology based information management system in textile and garment manufacturing. Here it was summarized the factors which motivates the adoption of RFID technology. Finally it was giving some if the factors which lead to success in respective field.

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