5 Different Types of Clouds across the Market – Cloud Computing

Introduction to Cloud computing 

Cloud computing is playing a vital role across the modern computing world. There are different ranges of services provided by the hosting companies to the clients and even the clients are showing their interest towards the services provided by the vendors. Cloud computing provides a wide range of services to the clients like computation, data access, software and storage devices and thus the clients and the end users can register with the cloud service providers to make use of these services in an effective manner without any special requirements at their side. In general there are different types of clouds across the market and they can be broadly categorized in to the following types as listed below 

Community cloud: When one or more organizations have similar requirements, these types of community clouds can be established. These organizations share the common infrastructure and computation requirements from the cloud established and thus they are benefited in terms of cost and speed.

Public cloud: Public cloud or external cloud is a more generalized cloud and access via typical internet services like web services or web applications. In general these clouds are accessed through a third party service providers and charges for the fine grained services provided to the clients and the end users.

Private cloud: Private clouds are established by the vendors across their private network and provide the network virtualization services within their organizations. 

Hybrid cloud: Hybrid cloud is basically established by the IT department for the purpose of business activities and has high end implementations and services across this type of cloud. In general these hybrid clouds are offered by the famous and large vendors like IBM, Oracle, HP and VMware and the main aim of these clouds would be around the business perspective rather than the generalized usage to the clients and the end users. 

Combined Cloud: A combined cloud is a combination of two or more clouds that were integrated for the purpose of a specific task as per the requirements of the clients and end users. In general a combined cloud is established by one or more service providers and the level of services provided by the individual providers are integrated to form a high end cloud with more number of services to the clients. 

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