4g Wireless Technology Seminar Report

Introduction to 4g Wireless Technology Seminar:

The 1st generation mobile technology or 1G was introduced in 1985, since then 3 generations of mobile technology have been launched. 2G was launched with digital GSM technology in 1992 which revolutionized the entire mobile world giving way to a boom in mobile phone market and networks. With passing each generation, the bandwidth also increased tremendously.

In India 2G still dominates the market although 3G which was launched only couple of years ago in India has started to make some inroads. Bharti Airtel has gone a step further and launched 4G LTE versions at some metros. The cost as they say is a primary factor, people still prefer 2G although it is slow and les secure because of its low affordable cost. The biggest advantage of a 4G system is its efficient ability of network portability, encryption of data etc.

The adaptability of a network to adjust itself to user traffic is pretty good and the quality of service (QoS) is maintained at peak level. 4G also supports radio environments and a variety of mobility patterns. The spectrum usage must be dynamic and should provide fool proof security and privacy in case of a 4G driver. The network should be independent of the access location and the all data should be in encrypted form before sending

The usage of 4G can be helpful in many business areas and social concerns such as online shopping sites, GPS Navigation, Smart TV, online business deals, E-Ticketing, live TV and cinema etc. It can also be used in various medical equipment and surgical procedures. Since 4G emphases on wireless technology, the term mobility gets an altogether different dimension.

The main key of a 4G network is its reconfigure and high spectral efficiency. The demand of an user changes from time to time and 4G can meet up with all the demands and challenges put forward by an user. 

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