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Mobile communication technology is now a un detachable part of our day to day life, earlier mobiles were just used to make calls and send SMS but now it is used for many more things like listening music, watching videos, chat with friends, update status on a social network and even make video calls. With the digital revolution in almost all areas, mobile technologies also have passed generation and now are in its 4th generation which is called 4G. Wireless technology is the current hot trending one like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.  Nowadays internet can be accessed even on TV through these wireless technologies.  In India we prefer TDMA technology over CDMA as TDMA offers GSM Sims and allows higher data transfer rate than CDMA. Mobile application protocol or MAP helps in fulfilling the mobility of the whole system.

The evolution of mobile technology

1St  Generation or 1G: Launched in 1985, just voice based services. Analogue mode with frequency up to 900MHz

2G : Launched in 1992, digital technology was used for the first time; got an upgrade 2.5G 3 years later which included packet transfer and better speech quality. Frequency range from 900-2700 MHz

3G: Launched globally in 2002; Seamless convergence and high bit rate services. Frequency range upto 2GHz.

The mapping of 4G visions include ubiquitous access of mobiles, completely converged services, diverse user devices, autonomy and managing self, dependency on software etc. Network re-configurability will provide the handover in both directions and this will lead to an increase in QoS.  Reconfiguration of a mobile system include a terminal, base station, back bone network, config monitor, software server , download server and a communication end point.  4G is used in various areas such as tele-communication, aeronautics, health, business, education, transportation and even for police investigation purposes.

The main security features of 4G:

  • Authentication
  • Confidentiality
  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • Consistency

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