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This document aims at explaining the 4 G technology in detail.  4 G is the abbreviation for the fourth generation of wireless technology. It is said to be the most excellent technology of the generation. As it provides faster access to internet and allows the user to stay connected to the world anywhere, and anytime.

What Is 4 G?

As we all know 4 G is the fourth generation of wireless telecommunication. It provides the best internet connectivity and mobile communication. It provides the best support for multimedia, video calling, video conferencing, and multimedia gaming.

It provides access to the cellular phones. It provides internet access for the devices at the speed of 100Mbps for moving devices and that for stationary is 1Gbps.

History of 4 G Technology 

Let us have a look at the history of invention of 4G technology. First generation of this technology was designed on 1970 and implemented in 1984, it provided the service of analog digital data transmission, bandwidth provided by 1G is 1.0Kbps, multiplexing used is FDMA. Second generation of technology was designed in 1980 and implemented in 1991, provided digital voice short message, data bandwidth of 14.4Kbps, and multiplexing used is TDMA.

The third generation was proposed in 1990 and implemented in 2002, it provided service for high capacity broad band data up to 2 Mbps, data bandwidth of 2 Mbps, and multiplexing used is CDMA. And now the 4G this technology was proposed in 2000 and implemented in 2010, completely IP depended data transfer up to hundreds of bytes, uses OFDM for data multiplexing.

Features of 4g

4G technology provides supports for multimedia gaming, video conferencing. Higher bandwidth, packet switched network. High speed internet for data transfer. Internet security.

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4G uses following technologies for its working OFDM, UWB, smart antennas, IPv6.

a.)    OFDM

b.)    UWB

c.)     Smart antennas

d.)    IPv6


Fourth generation of wireless technology can be implemented in controlling traffic, application built for locating friends, tele medicine, in management of crisis. 

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