4g Wireless System Seminar Report

Introduction to 4g Wireless System Seminar Topic:

The current generation wants everything at lightning speed, all thanks to the advance in technology. Nowadays mobile phones are not only used for only calling purpose, it is also used for surfing the net, transfer large multimedia messages, video chat and much more. For an uninterrupted flow of data, a speed rich internet connection is required.  In India particularly 3G technology has become a huge rage and it popularity has reached an ultimate peak, still it is sad to know that the providers are reluctant in bringing 4G technology to the market.

This may be due to many reasons; lack of handsets in the mobile phone market that supports 4G is one major reason. The high cost with which the 4G connection comes with is another major drawback that repels users from embracing the new technology. 4G is currently the major thing in wireless mobile communication technology. The ever demanding user requirement would be met profusely and the network would be more than capable of handling large amount of data transfers and sharing. Most mobile phone manufactures like Apple, Samsung etc. make high quality phones but the reality is that most of them are useless without fast mobile broadband wireless internet.

The current technology with limited bandwidth and analog modems is unable to handle data services at a large rate. There are many drawbacks to a 3G system from the client and network provider’s prospective, the major one being it is just an upgrade from the earlier technology which supported voice transfer only.

The two major transmission technologies are:

  • Time division multiple access or TDMA
  • Code division multiple access or CDMA

The 4G hardware mainly consists of ultra wide band technology which provides large bandwidth, smart antennas such as switched beam antenna, adaptive array antenna etc., whereas the software is based mainly on the merging of WLAN or Wireless LAN technology & the mobile technology. Software Defined Radio or SDR is to switch network operators. The sixth version of the internet protocol is used to trace the devices. All data’s would be safe and secure as it would be encrypted. 

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