4G Wireless System Seminar Report PDF

This paper brings about the detailed study about the low cost wireless internet in rural area by using up of 4G technology through Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n). Even though there are large number of people who uses internet in high speed up but there are some areas where internet is not been used since they are not available in affordable price, so there are many researches done in rural areas on providing high speed internet where development is in lacking.

This paper discusses about all effectiveness and cost of all technologies such as mesh network, tethered aero net based network to bring out suitable technology for the rural people in an affordable price. 4G has been used since; most of the application in modern days needs to meet multimedia, wireless teleconferencing, full motion videos and Limitations in applying recent advances in spectrally more efficient modulation schemes.

Advantages in 4G wireless system:

 Some of the main objectives of 4G are, it will be a IP based integrated system, it should be able to provide speed capacity of 100 Mbits/s to 1 Gbits/s, should also provide dynamic packet assignment. Some of the main key technologies required for the development of 4G are, OFDM technology i.e. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing which is an modulation technique which sub divides the channel into equally spaced frequency band this technique is able to transmit data simultaneously in a large no of channels.

Technologies in Wireless Communication:

The next technology is the MIMO system i.e. multiple input multiple output it is a method of multiple antennas for wireless transition and receptionwhich increases the quality of the communication. The next technology discussed in this paper is the smart antenna, which are the base stations which make use of the digital signal. Some of the emerging 4G technologies suggested in this paper are Wi-Fi (IEEE.802.11n), WI-MAX (IEEE802.16e), 3GGP LTE,UMB.

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