4G Wireless System Introductions

Introduction to 4G Wireless System:

4G or 4th generation mobile communication technology is the most ultramodern technology available in market. Unlike its predecessors 4G technology is much faster, secure and dependable. 4G is not only restricted to mobile wireless communication systems, 4G technology is used in Tablets, PC’s, Gaming Consoles and even in television. User demands are met without any hitches making them satisfied to the core.

The main disadvantage or shortcoming of the current system is its inability to handle large data as it lacks a large bandwidth. 3G technology is a mere upgrade from its predecessors while 4G is an altogether unique concept. As mentioned earlier 4G can be connected to a large no: of devices and a smooth data management is ensured.

Main features of 4G technology is described as an abbreviation called MAGIC:

  • Mobile Multimedia
  • Anytime Anywhere
  • Global Mobility Support
  • Integrated Wireless Solution
  • Customized Personal Service

4G is still not available in full form here in India, although Airtel has launched it in few metros. The main reason of the mobile service provider’s reluctance to adapt this technology is the lack of 4G capable handsets in the mobile market. Also the cost of a 4G sim card would be higher than the 3G or 2G versions repelling the customers. Time division multiple access and Code division multiple access are the current transmission technologies used in mobile phones. Each adapts different technology and work in entirely different way.

4G Hardware includes an ultra wideband device which transforms the signal into a desired frequency spread across a spectrum and multiple smart antennas such as switched beam and adaptive array. The software for 4G is flexible enough for incorporating national and international roaming and the network switching can be done with much ease. The IPv6 or the 6th generation of the internet protocol has a large area for address spaces leaving the communication to be much clearer and faster. Various encryption methods are used to encrypt data through the network.

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